For the forthcoming academic year 2017/18 Badger Class at the time of writing will be composed of 24 children. This will be made up of 13 Year 4 pupils, 6 Year 5 pupils and 6 Year 6 children.

Badgers class is a mixture of Year 4, 5 and 6 pupils. However, far from the mixed ages being tricky to manage, this is part of the strength of the class; the children are taught to their stage, rather than age. The children have different partners each week for their Literacy and Numeracy learning. This means that each child is able to be heard and hear a range of different voices within the class, allowing academic and social developments to move at a quick pace! Self esteem is the most important thing to both Mrs Godfrey and Mrs Bourne, therefore children do not work in ‘set groups’, but rather choose from a range of challenges within lessons. By putting the children at the centre of their own learning and making independent choices, the children are able to feel valued individually. The challenges, combined with working with arrange of new pupils; allow the children to have the individual experience right for them, not their age.

Science, RE, Physical Education, Art, Design Technology, Music and French are all taught either during the afternoons, or during cross-curricular opportunities (such as our recent whole-school Jack and the Beanstalk work). These are taught in the same manner as Numeracy and Literacy and allow children to enjoy a range of opportunities and topics across the National Curriculum spectrum. By having two teachers, the children are able to enjoy the benefits of having specific teachers for certain area’s of the curriculum, which play to their strengths. For example, Mrs Bourne – Music; Mrs Godfrey – Geography.

Mrs Godfrey and Mrs Bourne go to great lengths to help children feel happy and valued during their school day. The fact that they will be ‘Badgers Class’ for several years means they are able to feel secure in an environment familiar to them, as they make the transition to becoming young adults towards their secondary education.

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