In Foxes, we have years 2 and 3, the children are aged between 6 and 8 years of age, comprising both elements of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. As well as being a vibrant mix of ages, it also means that there is less change for the pupils, allowing them to feel secure and happy in their environment. This can be seen in both the attainment and the safe and positive atmosphere within the class.

Each child has a distinct voice, which is encouraged to develop throughout their time in Foxes. In order for each child to feel happy and valued, the children take part in a wide range of activities, emphasising fun and achievement. Paired and group work is used extensively in Foxes, meaning that children can work alongside a range of other children. This also creates an excellent balance between age and stage related abilities, though each child receives provision appropriate to their individual needs.

The learning is child centered, with things which stimulate the children often being studied for weeks; such is the interest and the output of outstanding work. So a walk in the woods may lead to studying the Witches in Macbeth, a book about London may lead to a week-long Design Technology project on Tudor houses.

In Numeracy we begin with basic number patterns and calculations, to establish the children’s level but more importantly their confidence. In no time at all, the children are taking part in maths games and investigations to deeply understand how what they have learnt in practice. This might range from opening a restaurant, when investigating money and decimal points, or building a bridge from Spaghetti, when completing work on distance and measure. At all times, the children work at a challenging, but appropriate level. Cookery, role play, games and ICT form a crucial part in this numeric investigation.

Science, PE, RE, French, Art and DT are taught with the same rigour as Literacy and Numeracy, in the afternoons though they often form part of ‘topic work’ studied across all area’s of the curriculum. Wherever possible, a creative curriculum is emphasised. Music is taught by a music teacher employed by the school, ensuring excellence in this area continues.

PE is very well supported in the school and local area. It is while in Foxes that many children begin to play team sports more competitively, such as Rugby, netball and tennis. We have a range of external coaches who offer expertise and do very well as a small school.

By balancing all of the subjects and children’s interests, we ensure that the children have fun during our learning from 9 until 3.15!

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